We can offer you mainly two types of wheat flour - type 500 and type 1150 but we can also produce differrent types - exp. type 650, type 1250 and etc., if requested. With our first-class products, we aim to satisfy the expectations and requirements of our individual customers as well as the specific demands of the producers, who use flour as raw material.
Our flours can be packed in different sizes:
PP bags of 20 kg. and 50 kg.
paper packages of 1 kg. and 5 kg.
Considering that different types of flour with different characteristics and indicators, are used for different purposes we offer:
  • flour for bread
  • fine flour for bread products
  • flour for cakes
  • flour for confectionery
  • other kinds of flour.
To meet the specific needs of the manufacturers, who use flour as raw material, we offer producing flour according to their individual requirements. Here you can find the right flour for your product, the flour that will cover your needs.



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